22nd Friendship Day in SANDA



What is "Friendship day in Sanda"?

More than 1,000 foreign people from approximately 40 different countries live in Sanda city.

This event hopes to help achieve a multicultural society in which people from various cultuers peacefully coexist and share their values with each other.

This event has been held for 22 years, starting 1998.

This year is 22nd anniversary, in which people from abraod and Japanese people will gather together and enjoy international exchenge.   


★Date and Time : 23rd November (Sat)  10:30~15:30

★Place : Sanda Public Community Center
( 6th floor of Kippy mall, in front of Sanda station)



There will  be a panel discussion by children who have relation to foreign countries, and also have "Chatting Time" to enjoy chatting between foreign and Japanese people.


Experience a variety of foods and cultures from around the world at this free fun event!!

*Trying on National costumes of various countries

*International dishes (It costs about 200 yen)

*International dances and songs

*Origami( You can make Paper foldings with staff.)

*Consultations for foreign people by an administrative scrivener and a civil rights commissioner


*Exhibition of Sister Cities children's pictures

《 Contact 》

Sanda Public Community Center ( Machizukuri Kyodo Center)

TEL : 079-559-5023    /    FAX : 079-563-8001 


 Japanese article is HERE!!